Bel Witch Book

Robert Mickey Maughon, M. D. is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and the University of Tennessee Medical School in Memphis. Dr. Maughon trained in Internal Medicine at Tulane University in New Orleans.
In addition to his medical practice, he is also an accomplished author. Some of his other published works include Elvis is Alive and New Orleans E.R.

About the author

This 250+ page novel contains 35 full-page images from BELL WITCH: The Movie as well as a brief biography, photos and full-page headshot of BELL WITCH: The Movie star Betsy Palmer.

More than a century has passed since the Bell Witch tormented his family. Fearing Kate's return, Jake Bell fled to the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee with his daughter, Mary Jane.
However, spirits know no boundaries. As Katherine, the school marm, spins her tale, terror returns to the Bell family.

Dr. Robert Maughon crafts a fun read by wrapping the screenplay for BELL WITCH: The Movie inside a suspenseful tale set in the 1930s and 40s while his rich characters and intriguing storylines perfectly weave the legend of the Bell Witch haunting throughout time.

The Bell Witch is based on historical facts and documents recorded and retold by such figures as former President Andrew Jackson and supported by the State of Tennessee.

Bell Witch Book

Donna Maughon is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and studied four years at Tennessee's School of Architecture in Knoxville. She edits all of Dr. Maughon's novels